Maintenance methods of Jiangmen cutting board factory

2020-12-23 630

Before use

1. After buying wood cutting boards and bamboo cutting boards, you can wipe them with salt water. Water can wet the wood;

2. Plastic and stainless steel cutting boards can be used after cleaning.

Application time

1. The chopping board and knife for cutting raw and cooked food should be separated to avoid interpenetration;

2. If there is only one chopping board, please clean it with detergent (which can clean fruits and vegetables) immediately after cutting raw food, then scald it with hot water again, and then cut cooked food after wiping it dry.

After application


1. No matter cut meat or vegetables, the chopping board should be scraped with a knife after use, and then cleaned with detergent;

2. The plastic chopping board can be scrubbed with water dissolved in salt or baking soda, lemon and ginger to remove the peculiar smell, and scallion and ginger juice can be used to remove the fishy smell left after cutting meat;

Hang the cutting board in the sun for 3 hours, then drain and dry it;

4. When there are more scratches on the surface of wood and bamboo cutting boards, they can be rinsed with water sandpaper to remove the traces, and then coated with edible oil

Source: Jiangmen cutting board factory

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